Winter Meats Share

Our 2017 Winter Meats Share is now taking sign ups!

We are back again with our delicious Winter Meats Share. Our all our animals are raised outdoors on pasture in Blacksburg and not given any antibiotics or hormones.

Our meat share provides you with a variety of meats and cuts, all priced below retail value. The share includes 4 monthly pick-ups. Each monthly pick up contains roughly 15-20 pounds of meat and is packaged in USDA vacuum-sealed packs that should make it easy to fit in your home freezer.


Share contents

Each monthly pick up will contain each of the types of meats listed below. The cuts of each meat type will be a selection from the following listed:

Poultry (fed organic non-GMO feed): whole chicken, chicken breast and leg quarters, whole duck (optional), and duck eggs

Pork (fed non-GMO feed): ground pork, loose sausage, sausage links, pork chops, belly strips (uncured bacon), roasts, fat back, ham hocks and/or back bones

Beef and Cabrito (all grass fed and finished): ground beef, sirloin, NY strip, ribeye, and/or London broil; goat chops and/or leg roasts

Pick up

The share includes 4 monthly pickups. Pickups will be from 9-11 am on the first Saturdays December through March (Dec 2, Jan 6, Feb 3, and March 3.). If you are unable to make it to one of the pickups you can make alternative arrangements with us. All pickups will be at Glade Road Growing at 2351 Glade Road in Blacksburg. Please bring a cooler or your own bags when you come to pick up.

Cost and Sign up

The share costs $490 plus tax. Payment is due by December 1st. You can pay online at sign up with a debit card, credit card or paypal for an additional 3% processing charge.

Click here to sign up

Half-shares and split payments may be available upon request.

To learn more about us, your farmers, and how we raise our animals, please visit our websites:

Glade Road Growing (poultry):

Strong Earth Farm (pork): 

Hoof Hearted Farm (beef and goat):