Our Place


 Farm stand is on!

Our full service of vegetables, chicken, duck eggs and more availabe at 2351 Glade Road

Tuesdays 12 pm – 6 pm

Fridays 12 pm – 6 pm

Now taking sign ups for the remaining season of our Farm Share.

New! Certified organic feed for our ducks and chickens!

We’re at the Blacksburg Farmers Market!

Saturdays 8 am – 2 pm

Wednesdays 2 pm – 7 pm

 Look for free and easy parking in Virginia Tech’s Media Lot (just off Otey Street) Saturdays all day and Wednesdays after 5 pm.

image2Masa Mondays to benefit the SNAP double-value program through the Blacksburg Farmers Market are back!

Meal starts at 6 pm at the farm. Aaron Grigsby of Garum Industries is the mastermind and this is as farm-to-table as Blacksburg has ever seen. Think hand-pressed tortillas from heirloom corn grown in West Virginia,Strong Earth Farm pork and black bean stew, crema freshly made from the goods at Hoof Hearted Farm,  kraut-chi from our gnome friends at Gnomestead Hollow and veggies and scrambled duck eggs from yours truly. The meal is self-serve buffet style. The atmosphere is relaxed and family friendly. You will be hard pressed to find a more authentic and made from scratch meal around. And the best part? After ingredients costs, your meal donation goes to the SNAP double value (food stamp) program at the Blacksburg Farmers Market. Labor to craft the meal is donated by your lovely community members. So come on out Mondays and consider a $12 to $30 donation per plate towards the cause and your belly. Call Aaron of Garum Industries at 703-772-0312 for food details.

Glade Road Growing  is a small farm on leased land across the street from the Heritage Park. We produce and direct markets vegetables, chicken, duck eggs and more to the good people in and around Blacksburg, Virginia. This is accomplished with the assistance of our energetic employees, along with the helpful hands of several neighbors who just like to get dirty on the farm. We feel strongly that the resources to produce healthy food are right here around us and we enjoy helping other aspiring farmers in the area get started.

Our farming methods are based on building and maintaining soil health, biodiversity, and community involvement (read: fun). We do our best to serve as caretakers of the land by using organic matter-based mulches and cover crops. Although our intensive cultivation area only occupies about four acres, we also manage the remaining 44 acres of the property, part in rotational pasture and part in a managed riparian area for a tributary of Tom’s Creek. Come by and introduce yourself- we’d love to meet you.


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